Internship opportunity at TekAcademy Labs for freshers and also software engineering opportunity for experienced people. If you wish to learn and work with .NET, MVC, NodejS, AngularJS, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, NoSQL, Hybrid Mobile apps, Business Intelligence, then feel free to mail your profile to

Some of your work areas will be
1. A custom Business Intelligence product
2. Build your own database engine (for our product) and do R&D activities.
3. Build JavaScript/jQuery reusable components
4. Work on Social media applications
5. Work on Ecommerce Products.
6. Build variety of Single Page Apps
7. Build hybrid mobile apps using HTML5, JavaScript and Cordova.
8. And more…

Selection is through pre-interview preparation course materials.

The pre-requisites are as follows.

1.  Good background in CS, IT, Commerce, Science, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical etc)
(but with atleast       GNIIT, CDAC or similar courses)
2.  Fair knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms.
3.  Mastery or excellent command over atleast one programming language
    (any of Java, C#, Node, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Erlang, Scala)
4.  If you have a github profile with your code samples, do share that with some details.
5.  If you blog or participate on open community, share us the link to that.
6.  If you have participated in some developer conferences regularly, share that details.

NOTE:  We don’t care about academic performance (though that is appreciated). What we care is passion in your area of interest in computer science and the knack to solve problems.